Our Purpose
Balancing Nutrition and Taste

It is our mission to promote healthy living and a better understanding of core nutrition. Using ice cream, we have captivated the attention of adults and youth alike. Xfrost is the culmination of wealth from leading fitness experts, athletes and dietitians into a wide-encompassing platform used to educate it's audience efficiently, effectively and enjoyably.

Healthy Foods Made Accessible and Affordable

We believe that good health should be available to everyone, so we do our best to reach all ranges of people to promote our message on balanced core nutrition. While we've partnered up with top professional athletes, fitness centers, and universities, our passion has extended to public schools and their youth. Flexfrost has become a healthy snack option the kids can really get excited about.

Quality Food Produced Sustainably

We respect businesses that engage in ethical farming and manufacturing processes and also believe in never compromising those philosophies and values. That's why we proudly source our ingredients from companies committed to supplier diversity and sustainability. You can snack guilt-free knowing that our milk is rBGH free, and our sweeteners are all natural and GMO-free.